Structural Timber

Radiata Pine

We stock treated Radiata Pine MGP10 and F7 from respected producers and are committed to seeking out the highest quality product for your construction needs.

H2 Treated Pine

LOSP treated for protection against termites. Suitable for internal framing.

  • 70 x 35
  • 90 x 35
  • 90 x 45

H3 Treated Pine

LOSP treated for protection against termites and rot. Suitable for above ground external use.

  • 70 x 35
  • 70 x 45
  • 90 x 45
  • 140 x 45
  • 190 x 45
  • 240 x 45
  • 290 x 45

H4 Treated Pine

CCA treated for outside in-ground use and contact with soil.

  • 90 x 45
  • 90 x 70
  • 90 x 90 FJ DAR
  • 100 x 25 Sawn (non-structural)
  • 150 x 25 Sawn (non-structural)
  • 100 x 100 Sawn (non-structural)
  • 125 x 125 Sawn (non-structural)
  • 125 x 75 Sawn (non-structural)

Untreated M10 Radiata Pine

We are no longer stocking this product but have some remaining stock available in various sizes and can order in pack lots if required.

Design Pine (H3 Primed LOSP)

  • 11mm DAR: 42x11, 66x11, 90x11
  • 18mm DAR: 42x18, 66x18, 90x18, 110x18, 138x18, 185x18, 230x18, 280x18
  • 25mm DAR: 138x25, 185x25, 230x25, 280x25
  • 30mm DAR: 30x30, 42x30, 66x30, 90x30, 138x30, 185x30, 230x30, 280x30
  • 42mm DAR: 42x42, 66x42, 90x42, 138x42, 185x42, 230x42, 280x42
  • 42x10 Cover Strip, 18x18 Quad, 18x18 Scotia, 30x30 Scotia
  • Handrail: 66x42, 88x42, 79x65; Bottom Rail: 66x30, 80x30
  • Single Rebate Door Jamb 138x30, 138x42, 185x42; Double Rebate 163x42
  • Cladding: Chamferboard, Classic Weatherboard, Rusticated Weatherboard, VJ Shiplap
  • Lining Boards: V.Joint and Regency profiles
  • Bullnose Fascia: 180x18, 180x25
  • GL8 Posts: 66x66, 88x88, 112x112, 135x135, 185x185
  • GL8 Beams: 140x65, 180x65, 240x65, 280x65
  • GL10 on request


F27 Hardwood

Structurally rated kiln-dried (KD) F27 hardwood is stocked in a range of sizes in Merbau, and is also available in other species such as Spotted Gum and Blackbutt.


Green Sawn Hardwood

Green Sawn Hardwood (GOS) is available to order in F11, F14, and F17 grades.


Engineered Beams & Hyspan LVL

Merbau GLULAM beams, Hyspan LVL, and other engineered products are available to order.


Please note that not all timber sizes are always available - we can confirm upon enquiry. Marine grade H5 and H6 treated pine is also available to order (minimum quantity applies).